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LED Video Matrix Flexible Panels

LED Video Matrix Flexible Panels


LED Video Matrix Flexible Panels is a bendable, flexible LED Matrix Panel,
which is
professional service in making led screen, led wall, advertising board,
because it will
appear colorful curtain-up/ flow water/raindrop/jump flash and
so on hundreds of lighting effect when it matches to use professional
software controller.

Apply to hotel, KTV, bars, advertisement company, decoration company, the
city lighting project, entertainment and leisure places lighting.


Excellent flexibility, easy installation, can be arbitrary bending.

Every led built-in(em bedded) one WS2812 IC, therefore every one led
lighting effect can be control, every RGB led is digital addressable.

Perfect effect with professional software controller, such as
Madrix(Germany), Artnet, SPI or LED music controller.

There are size: 8*8 pixels, 64 LEDs, 8cm x 8cm; 16*16 pixels, 256 LEDs 16cm
x 16cm; 8*32 pixels, 256 LEDs, 8cm x 32cm;


Voltage: DC5V

LED source: Super Brightness SMD5050


Power: 0.3W/pixel

Size: 8*8 pixels, 64 LEDs; 16*16 pixels, 256 LEDs; 8*32 pixels, 256 LEDs;

Waterproof rated: IP20 /IP65

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